What Kind Of Technology Should I Look For In A Studio?

With today’s technology, you should only consider a company which produces in High Definition (HD) and delivery capabilities on Blu-Ray discs (which is the only way to get a disc with HD imagery). In particular, DSLR cameras have become a wonderful tool in producing imagery which is not only stunning, but provides a "film-like" appearance with 24p capabilities. Beyond the image is the importance of sound. Be sure to listen closely to the quality of the vows, speeches and other important moments.

Will The Cinematographers Be Intrusive Or Disruptive?

One thing that seems consistent with all of our couples is their comment, “We knew you were there, but we hardly saw you.” VMP respects the religious aspect of your wedding, so we are very discreet in all churches. At the reception, we use camera-mounted lights as needed since our DSLR cameras providing amazing low light capabilities.

Do You Charge For Mileage?

We do not charge for mileage or travel for any event within a 40-mile radius of Plymouth. If your event is outside the area we will charge for mileage and if necessary, lodging.

Do You Have Backup Equipment On Hand?

You can have full peace of mind knowing that VideoMagic carries backup equipment in the event of an emergency.

Should I Provide A Meal For The Crew?

We are usually on the job 10-12 hours, starting about 3 hours before the ceremony and packing it up near the end of the evening. It is a welcome courtesy if you provide a meal for your us. If you cannot provide a meal, then we will need to leave the room or building during dinner and cannot be responsible for filming events which take place during the time we are gone.

Are Your Prices Negotiable?

Our prices are based upon over 2 decades of producing countless, award winning films and therefore we maintain a consistent price for everyone. However, we encourage you to look around and compare. Wedding movies are very visual and you should be excited about the choice you make when hiring a studio. Remember, you won't save a penny if you're not happy with the final movie!

Can We Personalize The Movie With Music And Other Input?

This wedding movie is all about you...so we certainly invite your input and music choices. However, if you want to leave the storytelling to us, please feel free.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Be cautious of anyone that offers video as a side to their original business. Remember... the jack of all trades is a master of none! Our main business and financial investment is in producing wedding films, not being a photographer, DJ or anything else. More times than not, we hear our couples say, “Our wedding video was the best money we spent…!” With this in mind, it is important that you choose a company you know you can trust.