Event Services & More

We specialize in more than just weddings.

Our list of event services range from Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Dance Recitals, Religious Sacraments and much more. In addition, we offer a wide array of services that make great gift ideas for friends, family or even the workplace. Check out the list of many services we have available at VideoMagic Productions:

Anniversary Celebrations

Whether you’ve been married ten, twenty or fifty years, there’s no better way to capture the moments of the event than with video. In addition to documenting the party, we can also create an entertaining and historical montage of pictures, movies and interviews which celebrate the enduring unity. Let us show you how to make these memories last for generations to come.

Religious Sacraments

From First Communions to Baptisms and Confirmations, we can produce an heirloom video which celebrates the sacrament. Besides filming for an individual, we work with many churches and schools to produce DVD’s for large groups of children.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

When it comes to this momentous occasion, make sure that you embrace it well with an entertaining and fun movie of the festivities. We offer not only the production of your party but also a pre-event montage which celebrates the young adult’s life. Call us to discuss the different possibilities of creating a wonderful movie of this joyous occasion.

Live Events (Dance Recitals/Cheer Competitions/Gymnastics)

Video Magic Productions has become one of the most highly recommended studios in Metro-Detroit for our work in producing videos for recitals and competitions. If you're looking to have a live event produced on video, look no further than award winning VideoMagic Productions.

Other Services

No matter what the occasion (birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, Mother’s Day, graduation and all the rest), let us show how you can give the gift of a lifetime. Some of our "Other Services" include:
  • Musical Photo Montage
  • Transfer Film or Video to DVD
  • DVD, VHS, CD Duplications
  • On-Site Screenings
  • Life Biographies
  • Vacation and Home Movie Edits
  • Memorial Videos

Musical Photo Montage

An emotional journey through time which includes pictures and music of your choice. These make wonderful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, graduations and more.

Memorial Videos

For those whom you'd like to pay tribute, this musical montage will highlight the life of that special someone. Pictures and video are customarily used to create this emotional journey through time.

Life Biographies

This custom designed video can be produced in a variety of ways by incorporating your family photos, videos, scrapbooks and more. Additionally, we will film interview sessions with individuals or groups to provide personal comments throughout the video. Your gift will invoke laughter and tears from all who view it. This video is a perfect gift for anniversaries, retirements and much more.

Vacation and Home Movie Edits

No more boring vacation movies! Let us transform your lengthy vacation footage into an entertaining video for the whole family to watch with titles, music and more.

Transfers of Film or Video to DVD

Allow us to take your old 8mm, 16mm or home videos and preserve them forever on DVD. We can also add titles, music and graphics to enhance your production.

DVD, VHS, CD Duplications

At VMP, we can mass duplicate any media format onto DVD or CD in quantites from 1 - 1,000